Effective Hard Chrome Plating

North American Hard Chrome of Oakville, Ontario, is a leader in hard chrome plating application for the industrial, hydraulic, and fluid power industries. No project is too large or small for our team. We have experience working with worn parts that are up to 30 feet in length and 54” in diameter.

Hard Chrome Plating Services

From honing your components to providing a complete cylinder overhaul, we're able to do whatever is needed to get the job done right. Our services include:

Hard Chrome Plating: Adding hard chrome plating to your parts allows you to enhance
  your worn or new components, increasing their overall durability and performance.
Cylindrical Grinding: Pre- and post-plating grinding services allow you to reach
  necessary tolerances.
Polishing: Polishing is an integral part of the hard chrome electroplating process. It can
  be performed at both pre- and post-electroplating processes.
Sand Blasting: Sand blasting is an integral part of the hard chrome electroplating
  process when a higher buildup is required.

Tool and Die Manufacturing and Repair: Hard Chrome plating directed at the tool & die and mold making industry requiring specific deposits to maintain close tolerances.

Request a quote for our hard chrome plating services when you contact us in Oakville, Ontario.